First Move Manual Handling 

The First Move Manual Handling programme designed for the FGC was created to address the risks and consequences of manual handling activities for warehouse and merchandising teams.

The FGC and supporters of the programme, Provention and Intuto are now able to offer this programme at no charge to the grocery industry.

The programme has some simple key concepts that are relevant across all job roles. These concepts and the associated techniques will improve how people approach manual handling tasks and can be a crucial part of injury prevention in the industry. Providing these materials in an easy to access, no cost manner will bring consistency to the way New Zealand grocery businesses approach the issue of manual handling injury prevention. This consistency will limit confusion as people move between companies and go a long way to building positive habits in this area.  

If you would like to provide the First Move programme to your merchandising and warehouse staff at no charge, please fill out the form and one of the Intuto team will be in contact to explain how your company can access these materials and join the movement to make manual handling injuries in the the grocery industry a thing of the past.