Safe In Store Pass Frequently Asked Questions

  • If your Safe In Store Pass card is about to expire or has expired, you will need to purchase a renewal and complete the course again.

    The best way to do this is by logging into your existing account at Once logged in, click Buy Courses on the left hand side, then select the course you need (either Store Induction or Store Induction + Food Handling).  

    Once you go through the shopping cart the course will be added to your account. You can then go through the course and complete the assessment. Once you successfully pass the assessment(s) we will get your card processed and sent out to you.

    If you are unsure of your login details or have any questions please email us at with your full name and SISP number.

  • The Safe In Store Pass is an industry-recognised health and safety qualification for merchandisers and in-store demonstrators working in the food and grocery sector.

    A Safe In Store Pass is not required by law but you may be refused entry into stores unless you have one. It is up to individual retailers whether they let you in or not as they are privately-owned premises.

    Contact us at for help or more information.

  • The Store Induction course will take you about an hour to complete.

    The Store induction and Food Handling courses together will take you around 2 hours to complete.

    These courses are all done online and we suggest using a computer as our website doesn't fully support iPads/tablets and phones.

    Once you have completed you course/s you will be able to print out your temporary certificate and start working straight away. 

  • Current Prices:

    The Store Induction course is $69+GST which comes to a total of $72.45.

    The Store Induction + Food Handling course is $110+GST which comes to a total of $115.

    The Food Handling Upgrade course is $49+GST which comes to a total of $51.75.

    Note: Safe In Store Pass renewals are the same price as they are for new members.


    Everyone who needs a Safe In Store Pass will need to complete the 'Store Induction' course. 

    Those who will be doing in-store food or beverage demonstrations will need the 'Food Handling' course as well. 

    If you are unsure whether you need the Food Handling course, you will be able to add a 'Food Handling Upgrade' for up to a year after completing your regular Safe In Store Pass.

  • The Store Induction Course covers:

    Who is Responsible?
    1. Overview (Health and Safety Work Act, planning your day and having H&S discussions)
    2. The four types of Duty Holders
    3. Your Rights and Responsibilities
    1. What a Hazard is
    2. Managing Hazards
    3. Common in -store Hazards
    4. Lifting and Carrying
    5. Slips, Trips and Falls
    6. Germs and Infections
    7. Other types of Hazards
    8. Reporting Hazards
    Safe Work Practice
    1. Signing In
    2. Driving, Unloading and Parking
    3. Your Personal Protective Equipment
    4. Managing Slips, Trips and Falls
    5. Managing Germs and Infections 
    6. Equipment and Substance Rules
    7. Ladders
    8. Equipment Rules
    9. Other Situations
    Manual Handling
    1. Safely Lifting and Carrying
    2. Shoulders
    3. Twisting
    4. Balance
    5. Breathing
    6. Lifting
    7. Hands
    8. Stretching
    9. Wrap Up
    Your Well Being
    1. Stress
    2. Fatigue
    3. Bullying
    Near Misses, Accidents and Injuries
    1.Near Misses and Accidents
    2. What DPI means
    3. Preventing and Managing DPI
    4. Reporting injuries/ incidents
    1. In Store Information
    2. Fire
    3. Threatening Situations
    4. Natural Disasters
    5. Medical Events
    Course Test
    31 question test checking understanding of the course material. A pass mark of 90% is required for a pass.

    The Food Handling Course covers:

    Why is Food Safety important
    1. Food Poisoning
    2. Food Handling Laws
    3. Food Control Plans
    Providing Safe and Suitable  Food
    1. Five Control Areas
    2. Safe and Suitable Food videos
    3. Personal Hygiene
    4. Health Conditions
    5. Providing a Clean Environment
    6. Waste and Pest Control
    7. Handling Food Safety
    8. Temperature Control
    9. Storing Food Safely
    Practice Quiz
    Corrective Action
    Immediate Action vs Preventative Action
    Course Test
    14 question test checking understanding of the course material. A pass mark of 90% is required for a pass.
  • A Safe In Store Pass is valid for two years from the date of course completion.

    Upon expiry, users will need to resit the course/s to renew their SISP card.

    This is to ensure everyone is refreshed and up to date on the most recent Health and Safety laws and information.

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For SISP users

  • If you have an existing account, please make sure that you are logging in with the Existing Users Login here box at

    Please make sure that there are no spaces before or after your Username and Password (this can sometimes happen when copy and pasting) and that CAPS LOCK has been switched off.

    It may help to type your username and password instead of copy and pasting.

    If you have multiple accounts your internet browser may have your old details saved and be trying to log you in to a now invalid account. If this is the case, please try switching internet browsers or using Incognito mode if in Google Chrome

    If you are still having trouble after following the above steps, please use the "Forgotten Password" button on the "Existing Users Login here" box to reset your password, or email us at with your full name and SISP number so we can reset your password for you.

  • If you have failed your assessment please contact us at with your full name and what you need help with.

    We can reset your test so you can try again with three more attempts. 

  • To print your temporary certificate you need to login to your account. On the right hand side you will see "Print Temporary Certificate"

    If you cannot see 'Print Temporary Certificate' you may not have completed your course(s) or passed the assessment(s).

    You are required to complete the 'Store Induction' course. If you have only been given you access to the 'Food Handling' course please contact your employer and let them know that you need the 'Store Induction' course added to your account.

    If you have completed your course, please ensure you have also uploaded a photo. You will need to upload a photo before your temporary pass becomes available.

  • When loading your photo, please make sure it appears on screen on the page - you'll also see a banner across the top saying "You have successfully uploaded a photo."

    If you can't upload your photo it may be too big as we only accept files up to 2mb. If your file is bigger than this and you don't know how to resize it, then you can contact us at with your full name and we can upload it for you.

  • If you have been sent an Access key via email, go to or click on the link in your email.

    • Click on the green box that says 'Use your Access Key'.
    • Enter your Card Number and your Access Key, and fill in your details on the form. Click 'Agree to receive emails', complete the reCAPTCHA, then click the 'Submit' button.
    • Your username and password will appear on the screen and you will also receive these login details via email.
    • You will no longer need your Access Key or Card Number, you will instead use your username and password to log in as an existing user.

    You will now have access to your courses.

  • If you have lost your card then you will need to order a replacement card.

    There is a $25+GST charge for a replacement card which will be delivered to you once payment has been cleared in our account. 

    Please login to your account on our website
    Once logged in you will see a button 'Order a replacement' on the right hand side in green. This will take you through to the payment of your card online.

    You will then be able to print out your temporary certificate. 

    Alternatively you can make payment of $28.75 into the account below.

    Account Number:    12-3109-0047463-000
    Account Name:        Intuto NZ Ltd
    Particulars:               (your Safe In-Store Pass ID number here)
    Code:                        Replace

    If you have any problems or need your password reset, let us know by emailing with your name, SISP number and your query.

  • If your card has not arrived via courier after ten business days then please check the following potential reasons:

    1. Have you uploaded a photo?
    You can check this by going to the ID Card tab in your Profile. If you see the following message then we are still waiting on your photo:

    Please load a photo or email your photo to us at


    2. Have you passed your assessment/s? 

    You will be able to check this by going to the Courses tab on the left hand side. Click View Progress and then click the Assessments tab. 


    Click the name of the assessment you want to check. You need 90% or higher to pass your assessment/s.

    3. Did you provide us with the correct address?

    Please double check your address by going to your Profile page. Your Details should be the first tab to open up and your details will be editable

    If you are unsure and can't login to your account, email us at with your request and we will help you. If you have been sent a tracking email then we have already sent out your card. Please get in touch with Fastway Couriers with your tracking number to find out where your card is.

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For Site Managers

  • There are two ways to buy a course for a new employee:

    1. Use the "Buy passes for your staff" option at You'll be able to order the passes you need and pay by credit card or bank deposit.

    If you order an individual access key, we will email it to you. You can then use it yourself or forward the details on to your employee.

    If you will be ordering multiple access keys for your staff, please let us know by emailing so we can set up a Site Manager account for you. This means you will be able to keep track of your access keys and receive reminders when your staff are needing a renewal.

    2. If you have a Site Manager account, login then click on 'Order Access Keys' on the left hand side. This will take you through to to a form. Fill in Your Company's details as this is for your tax invoice. Once you have filled out the form you will need to select the course that you want to buy and the quantity. You will then be able to make your payment via credit card or bank deposit.

    Once we receive the payment, we will apply the access keys to your account and you will be able to send these out to your employee(s) from the Available Access Keys tab.

  • If your access keys have been emailed to you, feel free to forward these emails to your employee/s. The email contains all of the instructions and details they need to create a new account and start their course/s.

    If you have a Site Managers account, your available access keys will be visible in the Available Access Keys tab on the left hand side. Each access key will have two options:

    Email this key: This allows you to enter your employee's email address to send an access key via email. This email will contain all instructions for the employee on how to create their account and complete the courses provided by you. This should only be used for employees that do not have an existing SISP.

    If you have used the Email this key button, you'll see the email address you have sent the key to is showing in the Allocated To column. You'll also see an option to Reset this key. 

    Clicking Reset this key will clear the email address the key has been sent to, allowing you to send it out to another user. You will not be able to reset a key that has already been used.

    Apply to this student: This will allow you to look up your employees by name or ID number and add the new course/s to their existing account. This option allows the employee to keep the same ID number and photo. They will just have to complete the new course/s and pass the assessment/s.


  • To view your employees, log in to your Site Manager account and click the Existing Users tab on the left hand side.

    You'll be able to search for and view any users that are associated with your site. Users will be associated with your site if they use one of your access keys. If you want to add additional users to your site, please email with the names and SISP numbers of the users so we can add them for you.

    You can view the users details, the courses they have been enrolled into, and their ID Card once it has been processed. 

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